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 Non-partisan. Data-driven. Built for all Canadians.

What is the Better Canada Institute?

The Better Canada Institute is an incubator of ideas, policy, and important conversations.

As a non-partisan, non-political, nonprofit, BCI is the place where Canadians come together to research, engage with, and discuss public policy. Our amazing and diverse teams of researchers, from across the country, aim to present public policy in data-driven, accessible, and substantive ways – so that all Canadians can learn about, and contribute to, public policy issues facing our country.

Always sourced, researched, and impartial, BCI’s content is available publicly, and also shared with our governmental, educational, and non-governmental partners.


Our Mission

The Better Canada Institute’s mission is to be the place and the platform where Canadians come for all things public policy – regardless of whether it be to understand the history of an issue, track what’s currently happening, or better understand the existing perspectives or viewpoints on any Canadian public policy topic.

Our Values


Objective. Not favouring or endorsing one viewpoint or another. Neither controlled by, nor supportive of, one political party or special interest group. Representative, informative, and balanced.


Always being forthright. Never hiding or concealing anything – from our team to our sources.


Honest. Sound of moral character. Driven by our values and principles (which you are currently reading).


Empowering diversity; actively seeking to engage our differences, histories, and opinions to be better people, better citizens, and build a better country.


The anti-fake news. Knowing that what we publish matters, that words matter and thus ensuring that everything we publish is data-driven, well-researched, and without opinion.


Transforming ideas into reality. Finding solutions to problems by seeing them as opportunities to imagine differently.

Our Vision

Our vision is that every Canadian has the opportunity to be well-versed on the public policy conversations happening across our country.

We aim to empower Canadians to make their own informed decisions on public policy issues by presenting all viewpoints in an intelligent and digestible way. Through civic engagement, our fellowship program, stakeholder outreach, and our unparalleled commitment to non-partisan presentation of opinion and facts, we can envision a future in Canada where the consumption of public policy is fair, balanced, and accessible to all.

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