Public Policy

Stimulate thought, conversation, and produce educational information on the biggest challenges facing Canada today and tomorrow.

What is Public Policy?

Public Policy generally denotes both the general purpose of government action and the views on the best or preferred means of carrying it out; more specifically it refers to government actions designed to achieve one or more objectives.

“Policy” can have at least 2 distinct meanings: it can refer both to how something is done (rules and procedures), which may be called administrative policy, or to what is being done, eg, substantive programs.

Public Policy in Canada

The Better Canada Institute (BCI) is a start-up think tank that aims to fill the gaps in our public discourse, bridge the divide between the public, academics, and policy makers, and develop creative, evidence-based solutions to the significant problems facing our nation.

BCI is an incubator of ideas, policy, and important conversations. Each month, we will bring together top leaders and professionals from across Canada to engage with some of the most important policy conversations facing our communities and our country. We strive to make public policy in Canada accessible to all levels of interest.